This page will be updated with latest news as it happens. Please let us know of any mistakes, errors or additions relating to this website by emailing trhaengland@gmail.com . Many thanks.

Plant Sale


We are pleased to confirm our Plant Sale will be held this Sunday, that is 13th June. Anyone is welcome to bring and buy plants, the prices are to be 50p, £1 and £2. The opening times for it are 9.30am-11.30am. We will have tables on the grass verge, and a honesty box for money, so please bring change! We hope non members will come along and see what we can offer and the benefits of joining TRHA!

Banksian medal Winner 2021


Our ever popular and hard working Store Manager Jenny Benger was awarded the medal for the excellent way she has run the store over the year, but also for combating the impact of Covid on the store and its supplies and running it. Congratulations Jenny!

Price List

We now have Peat Free Compost 60Lt at £6.05 and John Innes Ericacous Compost 35Lt at £5.50. We will get the online price list updated as soon as possible.

Virtual Summer show

It is time to have a look at our wonderful selection of Classes for this years Summer Show! Click here for full instructions!

Plant Sale

We WILL have a plant sale but it will be on Sunday 13th June outside the Store - it will a "bring and buy" sale of plants of any kind: indoor, garden, herb, vegetables etc. It will run from 9.30 to 11.30am and any plants left unsold will be kept to sell the following Sunday.

Nature little miracle

We had decided that we were going to sow sunflower seeds in the narrow border on the road side of the fence, which runs along the edge of our TRHA garden. We thought they would grow nice and tall and brighten up the chain link fence. So we went up there to prepare the ground. Imagine our surprise when we found at least a dozen Sunflower seedlings already growing in the ground! I imagine they have been dropped by birds and germinated in the Spring Sun. So we have sown some more, to fill in the gaps and hopefully they will do well. Here are two of the seedlings, small at the moment, but they will soon be growing big! Nature's little Miracle for us!


Store Delivery This Week

After a lot of hard work by our Store Manager, we have had the first of two deliveries from our suppliers this week. This means we will have several pallet loads of Compost, both Peat Free and otherwise, Farmyard manure and more in stock! We will open until 11.30am, for the first Sunday after this delivery (25/4) to try and space out members arrivals. Please note, the current price list on the website, is now out of date. We will try and get it updated as soon as possible. We look forward to seeing you!

Virtual Spring Show Results

Hi Everyone, as you probably have seen the Ticker News, the results are in! Go to the Shows link to have a look!

Twyford Parish Council Climate Change Plan

TPC have developed and approved a Climate Change Plan, and we have been part of those meetings, where the plan was developed. It has now been approved. We have been tasked with two initiatives, and under the extra Menu Options on this website, you should see an option, you can select to read more about this. We strongly ask you for your suggestions, which will be added to our page.

Store Opening

After the government's announcement of their roadmap out of Lockdown, the store will now open Sundays. The store will be run like last year, with social distancing and restrictions on the the numbers of members allowed in the store. Opening hours will be from 9.30 to 11am. The till will, weather permitting be outside. We have changed the way you place your large item orders, you will place the order for these at the till now, after you have been in the store. You will also be able to renew your membership at the store. To make it easier for you, if you buy items you can also pay for your membership at the same time. Note we have run out of farmyard manure, we have more on order. We have also sold all the seed potatoes and onion sets. If you know members who are not on the internet, please let them know we are opening on the 14th. We look forward to seeing you!

TRHA Web Site More News

The TRHA Web site which moved to a new Web hosting service, has been heavily updated. We hope you like the new design and features. If you have any suggestions or find any problems please email trhaengland@gmail.com or use the contact us page, which is live now.

Growing beans on a hard surface

For some people growing crops that need support like runner beans is not possible because they don’t have access to a patch of soil, to push canes into. Fear not! Here is a message from our Newsletter Editor, if you are interested, please contact him please.

AN INVITATION: Tony Boyd, a member of TRHA and hobbyist inventor is looking for help to test his ‘Beans on the balcony’ idea for growing runner beans on any hard surface.Tony is looking for practically minded gardeners to use his product and provide comment on its structure and ease or otherwise of assembly and management in use. A questionnaire will be provided and Tony will supply everything needed for the exercise: the product, seeds, compost, pots and feed. Delivery of the device would be in February 2021 ready for the 2021 growing season. Please contact Graham Starkie starkie@btinternetr.com for further information and to register your interest.

Fence Work


The long awaited fence replacement work is now finished and we have cleared the surrounding area and planted Rose of Sharon in the banked area, that we hope to grow onto the doctors side eventually. The fence work was completed by Malcolm Phillips for Admatt Contractors, who did a great job of what would have been a difficult job. This was paid for by Twyford Parish Council. This nicely completes most of our garden renovation work for 2020!

Garden Work


During the last few months, we have been working hard on the Garden, it’s starting to take shape. The pyracantha by the fence is looking very good at the moment!

Banksian Medal Winner 2020


As Affiliated Members of the RHS we are given a Banksian Medal, named after the great scientist Sir Joseph Banks, to be awarded to the Entrants with the most points in the Flower, Fruit and Vegetable classes in all three Shows in the year. As Shows were not permitted this year the RHS suggested that the Medal was awarded to a member who had done something extra for the Association. The Committee unanimously decided to award the Medal to Jenny Wager for conceiving of the idea and organising the Virtual Shows. We are sure you will approve of our choice.

Free Books

Hi everyone, a kind daughter of parents who are downsizing, has brought a load of gardening books in for us. There are three boxes of them! All are free to anyone who can use them! Come and take a look at the store, Sunday 9:30-11am.

New Bug hotel

bug bug

We are pleased to announce that we have new living accommodation for our native bugs! Luke here with his dad Adrian made us the new hotel, and it’s fixed on one of the concrete posts on the perimeter of our garden. His father also made two compost bins for us, using old pallets. Some of you will have seen that we have been busy on the garden, when we have finished, we will post some photos of our work.