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The shop is now closed for winter, reopening 7th February 2021.

To confirm the news item posted a while ago, we now have excellent stock of compost, top soil etc!

We have sold out of manure.
After a successful reopening on Sunday 17th May, we will continue to open every week. However this will be with certain conditions in order to meet with Government requirements for social distancing and keeping everyone (volunteers and members) as safe as possible. Opening of the Store will continue with your cooperation. 
We will endeavour to keep you safe when on our site but please remember it is also your responsibility and to keep your distance if you have to queue outside the gate to be aware of passing traffic and other pedestrians.
  • The Store will be open from 9.30am to 11.00am on Sundays – please don’t come earlier as we will have some setting up to do before we are ready for “customers”.
  • Customers will enter the store through the side door and exit through the front door.
  • Only 2 customers will be allowed in the Store at a time; three can queue from the side door along the path to the gate; any more customers will need to queue along outside, by the fence.
  • Customers who want to buy bags of compost, manure, top soil etc, will be asked to make this known before they enter the Store building (Malcolm will be at the ready) so that this can be ready when they come out.
  • Customers will pay the cashier after exiting the Store. It would be helpful if you could pay by cheque but we will accept cash. 
  • The price list is attached with the email and is on the website (or will be very shortly) to help you plan your visit:
  • Make a list of what you want to buy and even have the correct amount ready (assuming we have everything in stock!)
  • In order to minimise risk of spreading Covid 19 we are not only keeping the number of customers to a minimum but also the number of volunteer staff – this may mean you have to take all your purchases to your car yourself (trolley/wheelbarrow will be available). If there is no queue – help could be given with this.
  • We will have hand wipes available to use before you enter the Store – but you are welcome to bring your own or to wear gloves.
We look forward to continuing to open, as long as the measures we put in place are respected and are effective.
We can only inform members who have signed up for email so please, if you know any members who usually get paper copies – do let them know what the arrangements are.

Trading Store Price List October 2020


We have our very own store garden developed from scrub land 4 years ago with donations of plants from members. We now have a log pile, a bug hotel and a quiet place to sit and think or catch up with fellow gardeners! In the spirit of making gardening accessible to all please feel free to come and garden with us during store opening hours. We’ll provide the tools and gloves!

The Association is affiliated with the Royal Horticultural Society. Periodicals from this society are kept at the store, for reference.

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